Nostalgia Family Medicine

Brandon S. Fletcher, MD

Family Medicine & Wellness Center located in Longwood, FL, Lake Mary, FL and Orlando, FL.

About Nostalgia Family Medicine

Because health is a coveted thing, Nostalgia Family Medicine was founded on the belief that a direct primary care model keeps you and your wellbeing as the focus of your medical care. This state-of-the-art boutique family medical practice is nestled in Longwood, Florida, and has convenient access for patients from the surrounding neighborhoods of Winter Springs, Lake Mary, and Alaqua Lakes.

Founded by Brandon Fletcher, MD, and his wife Emily, a registered nurse, Nostalgia Family Medicine can care for all members of a patient’s family, from age 5 through the golden years. Because the team advocates for saving patients time and money, they don’t take health insurance and instead offer a personalized prescription-based medical package that focuses on preventive care. This way, patients don't have to wait for their insurance company to deny them better health.

By offering innovative solutions like intravenous (IV) therapy and medical marijuana card evaluations, as well as in-house laboratory and basic pharmacy services, patients can get all of their health care needs met under one roof. The team’s goal is to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Nostalgia Family Medicine is known for treating patients like family and being available whenever patients need care. Dr. Fletcher offers telemedicine appointments and even makes house calls, so patients can continue receiving the medical care they need in the convenience and privacy of their own home.  




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