Get Your Pre-pregnancy Body Back with Body Contouring

Pregnancy can change your body, which is necessary for the health of your baby. However, once you birth your child, it can be difficult to regain the shape you once had. 

You might lose the unwanted pounds, but you can still have flabby or sagging skin that you’d like to tighten up. Or you might have stubborn fat that just won’t come off your body.

At Nostalgia Family Medicine in Sarasota, Florida, board-certified physician Dr. Brandon Fletcher, and the rest of our team offer body contouring to help you get the body you want. This noninvasive treatment provides an excellent way to help you get your pre-pregnancy body back. 

Areas that body contouring can treat

The most common areas we treat after pregnancy include:

We also perform body contouring for a double chin, back fat, and thighs.

How it works

Our team uses the WarmSculpting with SculpSure® system to eliminate fat cells and tone and contour targeted areas of your body. 

When you come in for your procedure, we wrap a belt around you, featuring applicators that deliver laser energy to your skin. You feel a sensation of heating and cooling that continually alternates. The FDA-cleared WarmSculpting treatment offers a comfortable, painless experience. 

The rotation between temperatures disrupts your fat cells, causing them to disperse, break apart, and naturally eliminate from your body over a few weeks. 

After your treatment, you can get right back to your daily routine because it requires no downtime. Depending on your goals, we may recommend that you have a series of sessions. However, you should be able to see a 24% reduction in fat after your first session within six weeks.

What to expect after your procedure

Once your fat cells dissolve and leave your body, they can’t return, so the results of the procedure are permanent. 

Even though body contouring helps you get your shape back, you can gain weight again if you don’t watch your diet and move your body. That’s why after your treatment, we offer a nutritional plan for you to follow, in addition to an exercise routine. Our follow-up helps you keep your successful outcome.

Not only can body contouring help you get back your previous shape, but it can also improve targeted areas. When you come in for your consultation, we work with you to help you achieve the overall results you’re seeking.

To schedule a consultation or to make your appointment for body contouring, contact Dr. Fletcher and our team today. Call 407-543-1270 or for your convenience, use our online scheduling tool.

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