Grand Opening!

Last night the little Nostalgia family grew as the staff got to know its neighbors and community members. Dr. Fletcher, Emily, Herman, and Evan introduced themselves and encouraged the attendees to ask questions and get to know them. They introduced George Felegy, a BEMER representative; Rico Louden, a mental health counselor from A New Perspective Counseling in Sanford; AJ Piovesan, a PA from Hormone Therapy of Orlando; and Allison Ruona, fitness and nutrition coach with Beachbody, as partners with the goal of whole body wellness. There was also EvaMarie from Surterra and Jason from Curaleaf speaking with current and potential patients about medical cannabis, as well as Melissa from Cynosure giving us a demonstration with the SculpSure machine. 

Almost 100 people turned out and a ribbon cutting was performed. (pictures on facebook and instagram) Prizes were given away and glasses were raised for best wishes in this wellness endeavor. It was a busy and fun filled evening of love. 

NFM plans to host free educational evenings coming soon related to services offered and its partners. 

Thank you from the Nostalgia family. 

Emily Fletcher RN, VP, Office & Aesthetics Manager

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