How BEMER Can Help You Cope With Stress

If you missed that work deadline, found yourself in the grocery store at 11pm because you’d forgotten you’re the classroom snack parent for the week, or had fast food for dinner, again, you’re likely trying to keep too many plates spinning. 

The result of overstimulated lives is stress, which manifests itself physically and emotionally. You know you’re stressed when you’re short with your partner, can’t fall asleep, or simply feel overwhelmed with everything you have to manage. 

Dr. Brandon Fletcher founded Nostalgia Family Medicine with a unique goal in mind: to deliver advanced care with hometown warmth. He offers tried-and-true as well as innovative treatments in just the right combination.

One successful new modality that Dr. Fletcher provides that has helped patients feeling stress or anxiety is called bio-electromagnetic energy regulation, or BEMER for short. The revolutionary device originated in Germany and uses electromagnetic energy to treat many body imbalances, including stress. 

The importance of cellular health

Your body is an astounding network of incredibly efficient systems that work in exquisite tandem. When you’re multitasking, skipping meals here and there, or otherwise falling short of optimal self-care, your body’s individual cells suffer.

Because cells are uniquely energized and fuel everything you do, their health determines yours. When the proper care of your cells is compromised, so, too, is your overall health. Elevated stress levels lead to:

When the condition of your cells worsens, you’re more vulnerable to illness and likely to feel lackluster. It makes sense, then, to do all you can to enhance your cell health, particularly at the vascular level. That’s where BEMER comes in.

How does BEMER work? 

BEMER therapy re-energizes your body’s cells so they return to a robust state. The device administers a pulsating electromagnetic field to your body to restore your circulation by providing oxygen to your deprived cells. BEMER optimizes your blood flow so your body can efficiently rid itself of toxins. 

To learn more about BEMER therapy, check out this five-minute video.

The benefits of BEMER

A BEMER treatment generally lasts about 10-15 minutes. During your session, energy is sent to blood vessels that markedly improves microcirculation. In addition to being quick, BEMER is completely noninvasive and also painless.

What feels like a gentle spa treatment is packed with restorative power. Dr. Fletcher has used BEMER to help many patients regain energy. A BEMER session energizes you on the micro level but soothes you on the macro level.

In addition to taking on your stress levels, BEMER can improve symptoms associated with chronic illness and even acute injuries, improving your recovery. BEMER is ideal for preventive care, too.

What happens during a BEMER treatment?

Your simply lie down on the BEMER pad and wait for it to deliver its blood flow-enhancing energy. It delivers energy systematically so your body receives a uniform and consistent benefit. You feel nothing as the treatment’s happening, but you feel amazing afterward.

Expect no post-treatment downtime and better vitality after your session. Some patients receive several treatments per week. While results vary, many patients report they’re better able to cope with their stress.

If the compounded stressors of daily life are affecting your health, it’s time to return to equilibrium with the help of BEMER. Don’t hesitate to call our office or book an appointment online if you want to learn more.

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