How IV Therapy Can Support Your Immune System This Winter

The winter months are tough, and with COVID-19 being active, they’re bound to get tougher. That’s why you should give your immune system all the help it can get. Board-certified physician Dr. Brandon Fletcher, of Nostalgia Family Medicine, can boost your immune system with intravenous (IV) therapy.

Why a strong immune system is critical during winter

During the winter months, the air is not only chilly, but extremely dry. There’s a reason why your air conditioner maintains a certain humidity level in your home. When the air becomes too dry, it can cause many potential health risks, including:

Higher risk of infection

Dry air increases your risk of infection. It dries your nasal passages, which weakens and reduces one of your body’s key lines of defense. Less nasal mucus opens up a bigger, easier path for germs and viral invaders.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), flu and cold viruses skyrocket in colder months because of the dry air. It allows them to spread more easily because there’s no moisture in the air to weigh the virus particles down.

Worsening respiratory symptoms

Respiratory conditions like bronchitis, asthma, and even the common cold, can worsen when it’s cold out. 

The lower airways in your lungs have a thin moisture layer. Normally, the process of inhaling and exhaling balances the moisture levels. However, chilly, dry air can make the fluid evaporate at a faster rate, which can trigger more coughing fits.

Dry air also irritates your bronchial tubes. This irritation narrows your airways and can make it harder to breathe.

Boost your immune system with IV therapy

A good diet and regular exercise are important for keeping your immune system sharp. However, with IV therapy, you completely bypass your digestive system and deliver nutrients straight to your bloodstream.

This provides your cells with key vitamins and minerals in their purest form. It also helps your body absorb them faster.

IV therapy solutions are made up of minerals and vitamins that can boost your immune system’s strength. Zinc, for example, is an important mineral that supports your immune system. Vitamin C supports your cells and their ability to fight off infections.

At Nostalgia Family Medicine, we have a variety of options on our IV neutraceuticals menu. 

Some of these solutions for IV therapy include:

You can also add other essential nutrients to your solutions, such as zinc and glutathione. Each blend can boost your energy levels, improve symptoms of chronic diseases, and strengthen your immune system.

To get started with IV therapy, contact Nostalgia Family Medicine today by phone, or book your consultation with Dr. Fletcher online.

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