Incorporating BOTOX® into Your Regular Beauty Routine

BOTOX® has become quite popular in recent years. In fact, The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports a 22% uptick in injections of BOTOX since 2013 alone. 

BOTOX also doesn’t require the hassle that it used to. Because it’s been researched and developed for over 100 years, its application has become quite convenient. It’s so convenient, in fact, that most appointments only take around 10 minutes to complete. Maintaining regular injections is entirely easy to fit into your regular schedule. 

There are so many benefits from incorporating BOTOX into your regular beauty routine that Dr. Brandon Fletcher and his team at Nostalgia Family Medicine want you to know all about them. That’s why they’ve made this helpful guide to all of the many benefits of BOTOX. 

BOTOX keeps you youthful

BOTOX doesn’t just treat the creases and wrinkles that you already have; it’s also a great preventative measure. It’s great at keeping your face smooth and preventing future wrinkles from showing up. 

There’s a common myth that BOTOX freezes your face. This is quite untrue. BOTOX simply keeps certain muscles from pulling on your skin and giving you signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and even crow’s feet. 

BOTOX promotes health and well-being

More than just a cosmetic treatment, BOTOX actually has some great health benefits. Did you know that BOTOX is the most prescribed treatment for alleviating and even preventing migraines? It also helps with excessive sweating, teeth grinding, and jaw clenching. 

BOTOX is quite effective

There’s a reason that BOTOX has become so widely popular. BOTOX is quite safe and it’s FDA-approved. If you’re worried about frequent treatments, rest assured that the effects of BOTOX are quite lasting. In fact, every injection is good for about three to four months. You won’t need more than a few appointments a year.  

Preparing for your BOTOX appointment

You’ll want to discuss your full medical history as well as any medications that you’re on with Dr. Fletcher prior to your BOTOX appointment. You may have to stop taking some medications before your injections, like:

Additionally, if you are a smoker, you’ll want to stop smoking for a few days before your appointment, as smoking increases your risk of bruising and bleeding. You’ll also want to reduce stress, so be sure to relax and take it easy as much as you can. You’ll also want to be cautious about working out and wait at least four hours after your treatment to partake in any physical activity. 

To schedule your BOTOX injections, call us or request an appointment on our website today.

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