Introducing Debbie Conner, PhD, MSN, ANP/FNP-BC, FAANP

Are you looking to enhance your health and wellness? Do you want to boost your immune system or reduce risk factors for chronic disease? Are you looking to release weight but haven’t been successful in hitting your goals or getting started? Looking for natural ways to reduce anxiety, stress, and improve sleep? 

We can help! 

Nostalgia Family Medicine is excited to share an exclusive opportunity in partnership with Debbie Conner, a board-certified family nurse practitioner. 

As more and more families are turning to complementary, integrative, or alternative health treatment options, in addition to conventional medicine, we are pleased to provide this additional service to our patients. 

Special pricing for Nostalgia Family Medicine patients: 

Complete Health and Wellness Assessment + 1 hr Consultation (Review Report and Plan) + 2 Brief Follow-Up Appointments *$250 (regularly $350) 

1 hr consultation on the topic of your choice *$75 (regularly $100)

Consultations available in person or via telehealth secure technology 

For more information, you can reach Debbie at:

Just mention you are a Nostalgia Family Medicine patient for your special pricing. 


Debbie Conner, PhD, MSN, ANP/FNP-BC, FAANP

Debbie Conner is board-certified as both an adult and family practice nurse practitioner and has been practicing since 1998.  Her practice has evolved into holistic health and wellness borrowing from integrative health, health coaching, and culinary medicine. Debbie believes that health and wellness is a comprehensive process, in collaboration with traditional medicine, and personal growth. 

Emily Fletcher RN, VP, Office & Aesthetics Manager

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