Medical Marijuana: How It's Providing Pain Relief for Arthritis Sufferers

If you’re experiencing arthritis pain and want to avoid traditional pain medication, medical marijuana may be able to help. Thanks to advancements in research, medical marijuana can now be used to relieve all kinds of chronic pain symptoms.

At Nostalgia Family Medicine in Longwood, Florida, Dr. Brandon Fletcher can determine whether you are eligible for medical marijuana use, so you can minimize your pain in a way that’s comfortable for you.  

How does marijuana work to reduce pain?

The medical benefits of marijuana are becoming more widely known as researchers continue to release data about its therapeutic properties.

Besides helping patients feel more relaxed, research shows that marijuana use for arthritis is effective because the cannabis plant contains cannabinoids. Because our bodies have cannabinoid receptors, the chemicals in cannabis attach to our cells, which help target the source of pain and discomfort.

Not only that, but arthritis sufferers are especially known to have higher levels of CB1 (cannabinoid) receptors than other people. A recent study by the University of Kentucky revealed that the cannabidiol (CBD) oil in marijuana activates those receptors, reducing arthritis pain and inflammation. Better yet, many people who have used marijuana for pain relief have reported very few side effects.

If medical marijuana is the best solution for your arthritis pain, Dr. Fletcher can show you how to obtain a legal medical marijuana card.

How can I know if medical marijuana is right for me?

Because there are different strains of marijuana out there, you’ll want to consult a reputable, licensed marijuana practitioner like Dr. Fletcher to determine whether marijuana will work for your current health condition and lifestyle. During your comprehensive evaluation, he will ask you questions such as:

In addition, Dr. Fletcher will take a detailed account of your medical history, and that of your immediate family.

If medical marijuana is an appropriate solution for your arthritis pain, Dr. Fletcher will work with you to determine the right strain to use, as some forms of marijuana are more concentrated in CBD than others.

Ready to learn more?

If medical marijuana sounds like it could be a good solution for you, call us at 407-543-1270 or request an appointment on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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