SculpSure®: Banishing Stubborn Fat Deposits Has Never Been Easier

SculpSure®: Banishing Stubborn Fat Deposits Has Never Been Easier

If despite your best efforts at the gym and mealtime, you’re still plagued by fat deposits around your abdomen, buttocks, flanks, or thighs, you’re not alone. The truth is, genetics play a major role in where you store fat, and sometimes the best diet and exercise regimen can’t change that.

But SculpSure can.  Dr. Brandon Fletcher of Nostalgia Family Medicine in Longwood, Florida, offers this innovative and noninvasive body contouring. And patients love it. The reason: SculpSure takes a scientific approach to fat reduction.

Fighting fat with science

SculpSure uses laser energy to destroy unwanted fat cells permanently. The FDA-cleared system applies controlled amounts of heat to specific areas of your body using special applicators.

When you expose a fat cell to certain temperatures, it damages their structural integrity, and they die. This triggers your body’s natural lymphatic system to absorb them and flush them from your body. Once destroyed and eliminated, fat cells will not regenerate. They’re gone for good.

Treatment is effective for several parts of the body, including your:

SculpSure also has a dynamic submental fat treatment that can get rid of unwanted fat deposits under your chin to create a more sculpted jawline.

Destroying your fat

SculpSure directs wavelengths of energy to raise the subdermal temperatures where your fat is stored to between 107.6-116.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Simultaneously, the device’s patented Contact Cooling™ technology keeps the surface of your skin comfortable. This unique design ensures that your treatment is comfortable and your skin isn’t damaged.

SculpSure treatment is also customizable; applicators can be applied to multiple areas at the same time.

Not only is SculpSure safe and gentle enough to use on multiple areas of your body simultaneously, but it also provides proven results. When you have SculpSure, you can expect up to 24% fat loss in your treatment site from a single session. It also boasts a 90% patient satisfaction rate, and body treatments work best for women and men with a BMI of 30 or less. SculpSure Submental® for double chin treatments is effective for people with a BMI up to 43.

Beating the battle of the bulge has never been easier

SculpSure sessions take just 25 minutes and there is no special aftercare or downtime.

During your appointment, we configure the SculpSure applicators to fit your treatment site and then position them in a place like a belt. When SculpSure begins heating your fat cells, you may feel a mild tingling sensation. Most people find their treatments painless and simple kick-back and relax while SculpSure goes to work.

Once complete, you may have mild soreness, stiffness, or bruising in the site, but this fades quickly. Over the next six weeks, you’ll begin noticing subtle changes as your lymphatic system flushes damaged fat cells from the area, with maximum results becoming evident in 12 weeks.  

To help you reach your fat-loss goals, additional SculpSure sessions may be recommended. Dr. Fletcher can give you an idea beforehand, how many treatments will be necessary to attain the results you’re looking for.

To learn more about SculpSure and whether it can help you; call Dr. Fletcher at Nostalgia Family Medicine, or schedule an appointment online today.


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