Which Vaccinations Do I Need?

Updating your vaccines has never been more important. With flu season approaching, and COVID-19 still making waves, keeping your immune system strong is critical to stay healthy and out of the hospital.

At Nostalgia Family Medicine, Dr. Brandon Fletcher provides myriad preventive health services, including vaccinations. He performs a comprehensive exam and determines which vaccines you need versus those with which you’re up-to-date.

Vaccine basics

Your immune system contains many different cells. Their job is to protect your body against foreign invaders, like viruses and other pathogens. Vaccinations help bolster your immune system’s defenses by exposing it to antigens that cause illness. 

These antigens are completely safe, and the exposure helps your immune system develop antibodies that fight off the invaders. They’re typically in the form of a protein from the pathogen or a weakened or inactivated version of it.

Your immune system then learns to recognize the pathogen and infection it can cause. This helps your immune cells respond faster and more efficiently to the pathogen.

However, it’s important to know that protection from vaccinations fades over time, and the strain of viruses often changes. That’s why most people get seasonal flu vaccinations or other types of vaccines every few years.

Updating your vaccinations

Keeping your vaccinations up-to-date is a key part of preventive health. Each year, thousands of Americans are hospitalized from diseases that a vaccine can prevent. Updating your vaccines can help keep you out of the hospital and protect those around you.

Some of the most common vaccines available include protection against:

The type of vaccine you need depends on several factors. During your appointment, Dr. Fletcher reviews your medical history and asks questions about your lifestyle, like work and hobbies. 

Looking over your medical history allows him to see which vaccines you may need. The type of work you do also plays a role in the vaccine you need. Many people travel outside of the US for work and even for hobbies. Some vaccines, like for yellow fever, are required before you can travel to certain countries.

Find out which vaccines you need

To learn more about vaccinations, how they work, and your vaccine schedule, contact Nostalgia Family Medicine by phone or book your appointment with Dr. Fletcher online.

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