We think outstanding healthcare should be available to everyone, which is exactly what our pricing structure reflects. 

General Pricing


20% discount for annual payment



20% discount for annual payment



If you choose to enroll within 30 days then the appropriate amount above will be credited towards your membership.


FAMILY PRICING $100 monthly

First adult family member $100/month

Each additional adult family member (18yrs & up) $50/month

Each dependent child (under 18yrs) $25/month

I.E. Family of 4 (2 adults & 2 dependent children) $200/month

Discounts available for annual and biannual payment


BEMER Vascular Therapy $200 for 10 sessions

$25.00 per session

First session is free


Medical Marijuana Packages

Medical Cannabis Certification Pricing for Existing Patients $150

Includes initial evaluation and any required visits for 210 day period. This is for patients who are already a registered patient with Nostalgia Family Medicine and Wellness Center and are an approved medical marijuana recipient.


Medical Cannabis Certification Pricing for Non-Current Patients $200

Includes evaluation good for up to 210 days. For people seeking medical marijuana treatment and are not a registered patient with Nostalgia Family Medicine and Wellness Center. This fee includes the first follow-up/dosing appointment, the 1st seven-month certification period, a thorough evaluation by a board-certified DPC physician at Nostalgia Family Medicine and Wellness Center, all orders placed at the medical marijuana user registry, monthly office follow up appointments or telemedicine appointment follow-ups for six months once a patient’s registration card is approved.


Non-Surgical Treatments

Botox Pricing $Per Unit


Fillers Pricing $300Per Area


Intravenous Nutraceutical Therapy

IV Neutraceutical Menu

Myer’s Cocktail Infusion (w/ 500ml NS) $100

B Complex Infusion (w/ 500ml NS) $125

Wellness Blend (w/ 500ml NS) $125

Recovery Infusion (w/ 500ml NS) $125

Additional 500ml NS infusion for hydration $50


IV Add On

Glutathione $50

B12 $50

Vitamin C $50

Zinc $75


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