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We think outstanding healthcare should be available to everyone, which is exactly what our pricing structure reflects. 

General Pricing


20% discount for annual payment



Home visits available as needed for additional fee based on mileage from office.



If you choose to enroll within 30 days then the appropriate amount above will be credited towards your membership.


FAMILY PRICING $100 monthly

First adult family member $100/month

Each additional adult family member (18yrs & up) $50/month

Each dependent child (under 18yrs) $25/month

I.E. Family of 4 (2 adults & 2 dependent children) $200/month

Discounts available for annual and biannual payment


BEMER Vascular Therapy $200 for 10 sessions

$25.00 per session

First session is free


Medical Cannabis Evaluations


Medical Cannabis Evaluation $199

Includes evaluation good for up to 210 days. For people seeking medical marijuana treatment and are not a registered patient with Nostalgia Family Medicine and Wellness Center. This fee includes the first follow-up/dosing appointment, the 1st seven-month certification period, a thorough evaluation by a board-certified DPC physician at Nostalgia Family Medicine and Wellness Center, all orders placed at the medical marijuana user registry, monthly office follow up appointments or telemedicine appointment follow-ups for six months once a patient’s registration card is approved.

Cannabis Evaluations for Veterans $149


Non-Surgical Treatments

Botox Pricing $Per Unit


Intravenous Nutraceutical Therapy

IV Neutraceutical Menu

Myer’s Cocktail Infusion (w/ 500ml NS) $99

B Complex Infusion (w/ 500ml NS) $125

Wellness Blend (w/ 500ml NS) $125

Recovery Infusion (w/ 500ml NS) $125

Additional 500ml NS infusion for hydration $49

Hangover Cure $199

The Whole Shebang $249

The Fighter $199

Beauty Routine $175 


IV Add On

Glutathione $50

B12 $50

Vitamin C $50-500

Zinc $50

Biotin $25

Zofran $15

Phenergan $15

Toradol $15


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